Quality carpets from rare breed wool...

Our carpet company grew from a successful yarn spinning project set up to find a good use for Herdwick wool. Herdwick sheep are a rare breed found particularly on the Cumbrian fells in the Lake District.  Their wool can be quite dark with a coarse texture and until recently, the textile industry shunned it in favour of softer and paler fleeces to meet the ‘neutral’ demands from interior designers.  This meant there was little value attached to a Herdwick fleece when sold at auction.   As a result, many farmers chose to burn their fleeces because the cost of transporting them to the auction market was far greater than the money they could make from their sale.

Recently, natural carpet tones and textures have become more desirable, and there has been a renewed interest the Herdwick fleece. A Herdwick carpet is both hard-wearing and high-performance and perfect for domestic and commercial applications.

We also use wool from the Swaledale and Rough Fell breeds. These are both black-faced sheep and are more commonly found on the southern and eastern side of Cumbria as it borders with Lancashire, North Yorkshire and Northumberland. Like the Herdwick, they are both hardy sheep able to withstand the extreme climate and rough terrain of the Cumbrian Fells and Yorkshire Dales.  The Rough Fell is a bigger animal and has a whiter and longer fleece than the Swaledale. The number of Swaledales is considerably greater than the Herdwicks and the Rough Fells.

Support sheep breeders

A hill farmer’s life can be tough. We are keen to help the Cumbrian fell and Yorkshire Dales upland farmers preserve their flocks so they can continue to farm their livestock in the traditional manner. For every square metre of carpet sold from our 'Graphite' and 'Colourwash' Ranges, we donate 25 pence to the respective Sheep Breeders' Association.

The interesting textures of our carpets are gaining recognition. We hope that over time there will be an increased demand for Herdwick, Swaledale and Rough Fell wool products to allow Cumbrian and North Yorkshire farmers to achieve a fair price for their superior products at auction.

Plains and stripes

We produce five natural shades of broadloom carpet ranging from almost White through Light Grey to Dark Grey using Rough Fell, Swaledale and Herdwick wool called our ‘Graphite Range’. Each carpet is made from wools grown, sheared, scoured, spun, tufted and backed within 100 miles of the centre of Cumbria.  As a result, the final product leaves behind a minimal carbon footprint. 

In addition, our 'Designer Graphite' Range of stripes puts 2 or 3 shades from the Graphite Range together to produce Silverstripe,  Boldstripe and Platinumstripe. These designs work well on their own or with the plain 'Graphite' shades.

Reacting to popular demand, we have introduced our ‘Graphite Loop' Range.  This product is currently offered in two natural stripes.

Special shades dyed to order

If there’s a particular colour or tone you need to match as part of your interior design, special dyed shades are available to order. You can see examples of these in our 'Colourwash' Range. For further details on special dyed shades and our special 'Paintbox' Range, please see our product gallery for more details.

Outstanding service and reasonable prices

There’s no complicated distribution chain involved in buying a WOCC carpet.  We manufacture and sell our products direct, which means you only ever need to deal with us.  Not only do we supply carpets direct but we can also organise a carpet fitter anywhere in the country for those of you that do not already know one.  Finally, and very importantly, because we deal direct, we can offer you a competitive price on all our products.

Advice and samples available

We’d be delighted to talk to you about our products and help you to decide how they might work singly or co-ordinate to suit your individual requirements.  Then, we will happily send you up to 4 samples. So please have a look our product gallery section and let us know how we can help you.